Blind Reader Wanted by Georgia Le Carre Review (DBC Review)

My book group (Dragon’s Book Club) has decided to read this book for the month of April. Here is my review.


Lara. I was born into darkness. Just like a puppy, only my darkness is eternal. Everyone else sees a world I can only imagine, but hey, don’t pity me. I don’t. I’ve got a lot of imagination, and I’ve made my world beautiful more beautiful that you can know. When I was a small child, my mother said I used to run into furniture, and if I was not too badly hurt, I’d get back up and continue running down the same path. When I grew older I understood that the world is not built for blind people. I needed a white cane and I needed to trust my bestie, Elaine, and jump when she yelled, “Puddle”. Sometimes, just for the fun of it, she’d yell puddle and there would be no puddle, but generally our system worked well. Now, I’m all grown up and she tells me that the most mysterious man in Durango Falls has stuck a job vacancy on her noticeboard and that I should apply for it. Apparently Kit Carson needs a blind reader. To be honest it sounds a bit like those times she yelled puddle and there was no puddle. But what the hell? I’ll give her a laugh and jump once again. This is the story of what happened when I jumped. Kit. I came to Durango Falls because it was the perfect place to hide. The townsfolk here don’t like strangers and I don’t like people. So I don’t talk to no one and no one talks to me. Suits me just fine. For five years now I’ve been livin’ alone at the edge of this forest. Just me and the wolves I’ve adopted, but this winter my soul has started hankering for something more. I know it’s sure as hell ain’t for the warmth of a woman’s body. I’m done with that. The military made me into a fuckin’ monster and I wouldn’t put any woman through that. Not even a whore. She’d have to be blindfolded to enjoy herself. Maybe I’m just hankering for a woman’s sweet voice reading to me the way my mother used to when I was five. Just before she died. Think I’ll advertise for a blind reader. A female blind reader. That’s what I thought I wanted. Well all that shit went out the window when I laid eyes on her. Now this woman’s body is all I can think about …

YouTube links below for Blind Reader Wanted Playlist. Seasick Steve- Hobo Low (Chapter 1) The Lumineers- Sleep on the Floor (Chapter 15) Open the Eyes of my Heart Lord (Chapter 20) Labrinth ft. Emeli Sandé- Beneath Your Beautiful (Chapter 23) Lauren Christy- The Color of the Night (Chapter 30) Rag’n’Bone Man- Life in Her Yet (Chapter 34) Elvis Presley- Suspicious Mind (Chapter 44) Roy Orbison- I Drove All Night (Chapter 48) Elvis Presley- Can’t Help Falling in Love (Chapter 49) Bette Midler- Wind Beneath my Wings (Chapter 50)

‘PTSD. Awww… looked like it should be a box with a pretty red ribbon around it. I’ll tell you what it is. It was raw screams that infected every damn thought you had during the day, and chased you into your dreams. You woke up screaming, tearing at your own hair. I began to question everything about humanity. Even my own’

PTSD is some pretty awful shit. Let me just put that out there. Anyone who is suffering and surviving with PTSD, you are a true warrior.

‘When we were younger Elaine would do that thing with puddles, where she would should, “puddle” while we were out walking and I would jump to avoid stepping into it.

Sometimes she would should puddle even though there was no puddle. I would jump and she would laugh at me. It should have made me angry, but it didn’t. I liked to hear her laugh.

When you trust, good things happen.’

When you trust, good things definitely do happen.

“He has chosen you to be his special human. Once a wolf chooses a human it will never again treat another human with the same love and affection that it does to the special person it chose.”

I thought this was awesome. Having a huge ass wolf choose you as it’s human. Fuck ya!

“Let me ask you something. If you found out that Kit had just one day left to live, would you still insist on fighting with him, or would you make the most of the time left to you?”

I like this quote because it highlights something very important. You can spend your days fighting with your partner about the stupidest things, or you can spend time with them, loving them like it’s your last day together. And I think more people need to realize this and live by this.

5/5 Stars!


The Darkest Kiss by Gena Showalter Review


She has tempted many men…but never found her equal.

Until now.

Though she has lived for centuries, Anya, goddess of anarchy, has never known pleasure. Until Lucien, the incarnation of death—a warrior eternally doomed to take souls to the here after. He draws her like no other. And Anya will risk anything to have him. But when the merciless Lord ofthe Underworld is ordered by the gods to claim Anya herself, their uncontrollable attraction becomes an anguished pursuit. Now they must defeat the unconquerable forces that control them, before their thirst for one another demands a sacrifice of love beyond imagining….

‘He was known as The Dark One. Malach ha-Maet. Yama. Azreal. Shadow Walker. Mairya. King of the Dead. He was all of those things and far more, for he was a Lord of the Underworld.’

Looking at you is like finally entering those gates to heaven.’

Awwwwwwww!!! Heart melt right there.

‘While most loved all things romantic, they hid their romance novels as if they were something to be ashamed of. They couldn’t know that he read them. He loved them, actually, and would have liked a happy ending for himself.’

I honestly wasn’t big on Paris’ character in The Darkest Night. But after reading about him in The Darkest Kiss, I have to say, I’m excited for his book.

See you in the morning, Annie Love.”

“Love?” Lucien spat.

William’s backward stride increased in the speed and he held up his hands, but he was grinning. “Teasing. I was only teasing.”

I liked William here. I’m still mostly on the fence about him though.

‘No, nothing is more important than this moment. A short while later he fell asleep with a smile on his face.’


4/5 Stars!

Last Kiss Goodnight by Gena Showalter review



Black ops agent Solomon Judah awakens caged and bound in a twisted zoo where otherworlders are the main attraction. Vika Lukas, the owner’s daughter, is tasked with Solo’s care and feeding. The monster inside him yearns to kill her on sight, even though she holds the key to his escape. But the human side of him realizes the beautiful deaf girl is more than she seems—she’s his.


Vika endures the captives’ taunts and loathing, hoping to keep them alive even if she can’t free them. Only, Solo is different—he protects her. But as hostility turns to forbidden romance, his feelings for her will be used against him…and he’ll be put to a killer test.

‘The girl was a taste of heaven, sweetness and light, and he was suddenly starved.’

I think it’s adorable when I big man says that about a woman. *dreamy sigh* This is my re read of this book and it never gets old.

“Such loss… it’s a terrible thing, something that hurts you on an indescribable level.”

God, does that hit home. Vika was completely right with this. Solo lost both of his parents to an accident. Vika lost her mother at the hands of her father, and her father’s heart became black, so in turn she also lost her father.

“Will you use what you learned today?”

“I hope I won’t have to, but yes. If anyone comes at me, I’ll leap on them like a wounded Wolverine with a blood-cream fetish.”

I mean, ya, that’s something I would say. Not gonna lie.

“An animal would make her feel the need to beg, yes,” Solo finally replied, leaving no doubt he considered Jecis the actual animal.

My jaw actually dropped when I read this line. I was like, DAAAAMMMNN SON!

5/5 Stars!

The Darkest Night by Gena Showalter Review


Though they carry an eternal curse, the Lords of the Underworld are irresistiblyseductive—and unimaginably powerful… Don’t miss a single book in this stunning paranormalseries from New York Times bestselling author Gena Showalter!

All her life, Ashlyn Darrow has been tormented by voices from the past. To end the nightmare, she has come to Budapestseeking help from men rumored to have supernatural abilities, not knowing she’ll be sweptinto the arms of Maddox, their most dangerous member—a man trapped in a hell of his own.

Neither can resist the instant hunger that calms their torments…and ignites anirresistible passion. But every heated touch and burning kiss will edge them closer todestruction—and a soul-shattering test of love…

Book 1 of Lords of the Underworld.

‘Every night death came, slowly, painfully, and every morning Maddox awoke in bed, knowing he’d have to die again later. That was his greatest curse and his eternal punishment.’

Maddox dies every night at midnight. 6 stabs in the stomach and he’s done. The next morning, he’s alive again. And the cycle repeats.

‘Every few seconds, Reyes winced. That wince became a satisfied smile as blood trickled, forming tiny crimson rivers over his skin. Pain was the only thing that satisfied him, the only thing that made him feel alive.’

I’m actually looking forward to Reyes’s story. He seems like such a misunderstood character. He’s someone I can relate to.

“The girl has a name,” Danika snapped.

“What is it? Lippy?” He muttered, grabbing her arm and tugging her from the room.

I just thought this line was hilarious because my fiancé and I bicker in the same way.

“You are not weird. I think you are beautiful, smart, courageous, and most important, delicious.”

She anchored the towel around her torso, blocking his view. “Really?”

Insecurity that strong has to have been beaten into her. He scowled, determined to kill whoever had wielded the verbal fists.

Another line I can fully relate to. Having confidence is hard. It’s not something you can automatically have right away, especially if you’ve been told the opposite.

Chapter 24 made me bawl like a fucking baby. That’s all I’m gonna say about that.

4/5 Stars!

She felt like feeling nothing by r.h. Sin review


There are moments when the heart no longer wishes to feel because everything it’s felt up until then has brought it nothing but anguish. In She Felt Like Feeling Nothing, r.h. Sin pursues themes of self-discovery and retrospection. With this book, the poet intends to create a safe space where women can rest their weary hearts and focus on themselves.

Scene six.

I think in some way

The liquor complicated

But somehow complimented

Her grief in a temporary way

Often drinking whatever she could

With hopes of drowning her demons

And I don’t think she was wrong

For searching for a cure

But I do wish she knew

That what she actually needed

Was to find more of herself

Because at the end of each night

She had always been

The one strong enough

To save her own soul

From the pits of depression

4/5 Stars!

Lion by Candace Robinson and Amber R. Duell Review


Langwidere has an obsessive habit—collecting heads. She wears a new one each day, changing them out like she does her ivory dresses. But Landwidere doesn’t have the one thing she truly wants: complete power over the territories in Oz. When Lion—the once cowardly fae—shows up at her doorstep, he offers her an opportunity to achieve her desires. Will he use the courage the Wizard gave him to help her succeed, or will he betray her in the process?

‘Langwidere cherished her heads more than anything. Heads. Heads. Heads. She loved them blonde, loved them even more brunette, loved them red, loved them with perky noses, rosebud lips, arched eyebrows.’

It was interesting learning about the backstory and finding things out that click into the other books.

4.5/5 Stars!

Crow by Candace Robinson and Amber R. Duell ARC Review

I received an ACR of Crow from the authors in exchange for an honest review.


Revenge to take…

Reva spent the last twenty years in her own purgatory, first as the Wicked Witch of the West, then banished to eternity in darkness. Now that she’s returned from oblivion, Reva’s out for blood. The Northern Witch, Locasta, destroyed Reva’s life out of jealousy over Crow. But Reva’s love for him is gone, replaced only with the desire for revenge.

Crow wasted years trying to distract his mind after the Wicked Witch–his true love–was vanquished. He’d thought Reva was lost forever until magic brought her back, though their reunion was anything but happy. Reva hates him now as much as she loved him then. He can’t blame her–his former lover cursed them both and stole their daughter away. But he’s more determined than ever to earn Reva’s forgiveness.

“I promise not to leave you behind again. And if I could have come with you to the dark place, I would have. Even if it had to be for all eternity.”

Second book in the Faeries of Oz series! This followed right where we left off with the first book, Tin.

“Thank you. For always being the calm in my storm. Even after all this time.”

I’ll admit it was a slow start to get into this book but after spending some time watching Reva and Crow fall in love again, it was worth it.

“Sometimes you just have to let the storm pass before the calm takes over.”

Can’t wait for Ozma next!

4/5 Stars!

The Darkest Fire By Gena Showalter Review


He is the guardian of hell, more monster than man. She is the goddess of oppression, more angel than woman. Together they will enter the flames to battle a dangerous horde of demon lords—and discover a passion unlike any other…

‘Every day for hundreds of years the goddess had visited hell and every day Geryon had watched her from his station, desire heating his blood more than the flames of damnation beyond his post ever had.’

He was a slave to the demons, spawned by evil; she was a goddess, created in light.’

Instead, his haunted brown eyes captivated her; his protective nature intrigued her.’

‘“Did I do something wrong?” she asked softly, and there was a catch in her voice. Oh, yes. You stole a heart I could not afford to give.’

I want you inside of me, becoming part of me, more than I want another tomorrow. I want to be your woman, now and always.”

Damn. I guess I picked the right time to start this series. Here we go!

4/5 Stars!